We've just started GUNDAM night and GUNDAM morning! ES#014 #015

I found that speaking about my favorites is the best way to become good at English. So we've started GUNDAM night and GUNDAM morning!

I'm living with my friends in a house. It is frequently called "Share house" or "Room sharing". We often talk about something fun in our lounge, and use only English.

We have just childish words, but can tell our favorites to each other. Because we do something to tell it using all our words and by means of gestures. Maybe there is nothing we can not tell. We have many words about our favorite things in Japanese, so we just have to translate it to English.

Today we talked about GUNDAM, the one of most popular robot animation in Japan. I like ZUGOCK, especially ZUGOCK-E in 0080. In #1 of 0080, they infiltrated through under ground route and attack to GIM (customized for cold area). Maybe in the scene, ZUGOCK is most shining within all GUNDAM stories.

My brother likes "the revenge of Char", and he said that Char's doing is same with Zabi Family's one. But this issue has too deep meaning to tell even using Japanese words. I could not say any more...

We will continue these session for our English training. See you soon!