The last lesson of the 2nd season in GABA ES#034

I wrote almost the same entry on last year and I quote it here.

The last lesson in GABA ES#028

Because today I had my last lesson of GABA, I wrote a letter in English for my best teacher. It took more than 2 hours to write that, and yesterday I drank 4 cups of coffee at Starbucks...

I don't feel scared any more for English, this is the most important thing what I got at GABA. Maybe this English sentence have much mistakes in grammer or expression, but I don't care that... I can say "Done is better than perfect" even for my English study.

2 years ago, I have made a talk script (five sheets of A4 paper...) for my presentation in English. Then I have only read that, I didn't "speak" anything. But now I'm having weekly conference call on my job in English, and it is very meaningful time for English learning. :D , as you know I'm working hard every day...

I think all things what happen to me have all important meanings. Not only to use English in my work, but also other all thing in our life, I believe it will be necessary for growth.

Thanks for all my teachers.
Mantol, just "light gamer"

Actually 3 years ago I couldn't talk anything in a business meeting but at this moment I enjoy talking with non-Japanese friends. My English studying history started at Apr. 2011, then I had the first English meeting in my life.

The 1st year was just a stressful days because I couldn't understand what they are speaking and I cannot tell anything for them. Even now I can readily recall the first tough dinner in US... "Why I'm sitting here...?"

The 2nd year was good turning point for me because I could become to enjoy talking in English. Through playing Gundam in video game arcade with Mr. M, I knew it is really fun to share my interest or feeling with other people even in English.

The 3rd year(this year) was "being expressive" year. I could tell maybe 70% of my interest with too much gesture and expression.

At the end of next season, I'd like to write all of my blog post in English. It doesn't mean I'll never write in Japanese, means I'd like to be I can write correctly all things what I'm thinking. To be honest, I really love to talk with someone but I prefer to think something and share it.

Mantol, expressive Japanese OTAKU

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